They love me .

Monday, December 8, 2008

# 29

6 dec ,,,
the happest and unluckest day ..
morning i just get home from moii ah ma house..
i get home ,,,
thn bath bath ,,
thn on9 chat wif mama..
thn we talk talk about going miss kek derh party..
thn mama say can come moii house ..
thn i call Pei Yu come moii house ..
thn after awhile they two jiu dao moii house ,,
thn i jiu take bag go out open door go out ..
thn we jiu walk to lot..
we walk walk walk .. walk until rain ..
thn we go Adrea derh house lend umbrella ..
but hor three peepo one umbrella ..
not enough ..
we bo use we lin yu go lot..
thn we get lot jiu call shi jia and simin..
ask whether wher they are ..
shi jia they all at fairprice buy thing ..
simin dunno at wher wif her family ..
thn miee MAMa fillet go interchange ,,
wait simin ,, joyce and joyce friend..

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