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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

# 30

[1]Do you have secrets?
Ans* Of coz...
[2]Would you fall in love with a boy ?
Ans* Yupp..
[3]Do you enjoy going to school?
Ans* sch days i hate it ,,, holiDays i love it..
[4]What would you do with a $1000000 dollars?
Ans* gib half to my dearest family .. half let miee spend wif friend and loves ones..
[5]Wad is ur view toward LOVE?
Ans*Its blind euu dunno wat you are doing ..
[6]Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Ans*Being loved by i love derh ren ...
[7]How long would yoube willing to wait for a persn whom you love ?
Ans* hmm ... until derh day i forget him?
[8]If the person u loved is now attached, what would you do?
Ans*Will gib up .. let him HAppi
[9]Is there anything that has made you extremely happy?
Ans* Yupp ..
[10]What makes you angry?
Ans*Some1 tat BEtray miie..
[11]How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
Ans* I DUnno .. bless IT not ugly ..
[12]Hu is currently the most important to you?
Ans* Not sure ..? or .....?
[13]Wat is the most important thing to euu in life?
Ans* The ones i love DeeepLy ..
[14]Wad if your best frenz dropped into derh sea & did nt noe hw to siwm , who would you save 1st ?
Ans* i oso dunno how Swim some1 save us .. i will die wif you 'dearest frenz'
[15]Wat is your favourite colour?
Ans* Black & White & Grey & Red & Navy green * blue
[16]Would you give all in a relationship?
Ans* Will .. If is DeepLy..
[17]If ur ex hurt euu badly and want u back, wad would euu do?
Ans* Lets him died
[18]How are euu feeling now?
Ans* sad .. I still dunno derh ans from ...???
[19]LOVE or LIKE ?
Ans* LIKE ..
[20]4 peepo u hab tagged , the person has tagged u ?
Ans* YaHuiZ
[21]Yours relationship wif her?
Ans* Ganz MAMA
[22]Yours 5 im presstion on he ?
Ans* lovely ,, nice ,, can lisiao derh ,, cute ,, chio ..
[23]The most memorable thing she has done for u?
Ans* the time she betray miiie..
[24]Pass this quiz to 5 peepo tat you wish to noe how they feel abt euu ..
1.Yahui ..mama
2.Yiwei .. PAPA
3.PeiYu .. frenz
4. Qiqi .. mei
5. Simin .. frenz

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