They love me .

Saturday, October 23, 2010

# 311

# Three Hundred and Eleven post .
13rd days with you :) Fulfilled.

Fcuk it , this few week expenses increase , like killing me slowly!

20 Oct , 
go eat hotpot buffet with ahyi and cousin and korkor !
Thn go down bugis to see my beautiful bag , butbut , i dk should buy or not ):

21 Oct , 
Subject selection briefing , i have my own thinking :)
Last day of Pearlyn's and we have two our spend with her .

22 Oct , 
Family Outing again , go makan in the morning and homed again , 
meet korkor and bus down far east , meet Cousin and thn walk around , 
train down to bugis meet ahyi walk around bugis , and see alot of thing tht i want , :C
After tht, down to lavender for dinner, very nice (Y).
Go suntec as is so otw , and walkwalk , so nice , and cold . 
Thn we go east coast to drink coffee , I LOVE COFFEE BEANS. 
Shuai ge Mei nu , like nothing (Y)