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Sunday, August 29, 2010

# 306

# Three Hundred and Six .
Tantingli don't need a man to live my life .

29August2010 's  Sorethroat day ! Shouting day!
 Outing w/ Unbreakable's .
Played pool early in the morning , get the late table .was playing happily in the main time waiting joyce to come .
Suddenly got one group of guy and one girl come , "WAH ! YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE ME HOW PRETTY IS THAT GIRL MAN!" Hor . Cute like somebody business . The guy face was like soo soo JIAO .

Meet joyce after that and have lunch . cause im fucking hungry ! and we all go beauty world makan mac! .Sure its fat .and thn we go back to k . walao , sing four hour :D its not enough . Planning next outing! Girl tell me so that i could plan! :D .


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simin said...

I know you love me . ;D