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Sunday, September 6, 2009

# 150 entry.

This quiz is from my Sister,Simin.

1)Who was the last Person you texted?
2)Who was the first person that texted Today?
Baoyan .
3)Who was the last person you met?
MOther .
4)Would you consider yourself spoiled?
I Dun Think SO.
5)What time did you when to bed last night?
6)Have you ever have a best friend who is opposite sex?
Arm , yupp .
7)Do you want someone dead?
8)What are you thinking right now?
I Hungry !! FOOD
9)Who are you talking to right now?
The Wall
10)Who are the last person you took picture with?
Forget liao.
11)Do you wish someone be with you right now?
Of Course .
12)What does the last message say?
Yarh lor , Damn cute derh.
13)Is someone in your mind?
Yarh , My many .
14)who is complaining to you right now?
Nobody .
15)10 people tagg to do this quiz.
4.Natalie Lim.
6.AhYan, SexyBaby .
7.Shihui jie.
10.Wanyu .

16)When was the last time you chatted with 3?
FridayNight .. I Think??
17)What if 5 and 10 quarrel?
They not know each other.
18)Who is 1 having relationship with?
Armm .. i Do no.
19)Is 9 fierce?
Dunno leh s.
20)Is 3 and 4 study in the same school?
21)Who is 2 to you?
22)How did you know 10?
Mine Bee lehs .
23)When did you last talk to 6 and 8?
6-Just now
24)Are you close with 7?
Not realli .
25)How long have you know 1?
8 month .
26)What if 5 and 7 fight?
I dunno liao ..
27)How long have you know 9?
Few month .
28)Say something about 2.
Care Bear.
29)Is 4 trustworthy?
Of Course.
30)Who is 1 to you?
31)Do you argue with 7 everytime?
32)How well do you know 5?
Okay larh .
33)Do you know things about 1?
Armm ,Armm,, Yarh .
34)Is 2 and 9 schoolmates?
35)What if 4 and 10 fight?
I Stop them larh . They dunno each other larh ..

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