They love me .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

# 144 entry .

Loveable .
I Should Wait ,
Please Can To Me .

Tuesday ; 250809
1746 .

Alalala , Something Important Happen !
English Passed by 1 marks.

Nichole , Huiting , Flavia , Baoyan , me
Slack at Canteen till 3 , LBY Go cca.

We all go Mama shop ,
Find dickson take HOM Project material.
Go Back to Nichole house to Do it.
Slacker lor,

Xueqi , came.
I And Flavia Bused Homed.

Delayed Post.

230809 ; Monday.
Homed : 2129 .

Bused down to esplanade with School.
Turn round and round around the school .
Driver is a GongGong .

Have fun fun with Tzehui sharing a earpiece..
Play one round of games with her.
Lets Sleep , we Reaching , {Bugis area.}.

we have to tour around derh esplanade.
We awhile to go in .
Hiimesh Talk Crap is a King Manz.
HuiZhen is gui fei [Chua gui fei]

FUNFUN [I Turn off my Phone .=\]

Finish , Go Marina Square with tzehui .
WhatTheHell [I saw SK and AHAM]

Lets trained back to boonlay .
send tzehui homed.
Say Byebye.

We all Four after go LJS Talk Cork.
thn 9 + liao .
Three of us send BaoYan Homed.
One of us go jp inside.
Me and Nichole, Trained homed.

Laughs, Love What i DONE! ?

Go Interchange take 190 .
Cold Cold.
walk Home.
Bath , orhorh .


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