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Saturday, August 22, 2009

# 143 entry .

"Baby , Ni jiu shi wo de wei yi ! "

To: My Silly BaoYan Sis.

To: My PlayMate HuiTing!

220809 ; BiG Day .
Homed : 5 + .

Morning , Wake.
Ready and Go.

Bused down BukitBatok .
Meet wif BaoYan and Niki .

Go Walk walk ,
Go Tom and Stephanie try One Tank Top ,
Damn Nice.
The Shade .
Dame Nice.
Girl Retro hoodies.
Damn Nice.

No MONEY! CraVing fer Money.

FedUP , Nichole and Huiting late late .
Go Niki house first .
Half way see Nichole shout her name she Chua Tio.
Huiting come at back .
Thn Up Niki house.
Cool ~ I Take hers Brother shade.
Take one Picture ,Cannot Upload.
Slack alittle .

Go Mac eat ,

Thn Go Niki Condo special room .
Got Sofa and table.
We all singsing DanceDance ShoutShout.
beri SWEET . KBOX @ When? I Want!

Thn go West mall .
Go Tom and Stephanie .
They brought a Pair of Pant.
Me nichole Huiting go
Shop and Save, SweetTalk .

To Niki Condo Lobby ..
They[baoyan niki and Yaqi] go tie hair .
me and nichole and Huiting sit outside.
niki bring down Cake.
Xueqi Came.
me and huiting open up derh cake.
Nichole , baoyan, Huiting
{Start a Cream smack.}

They done wif everything.
thn go .
I trained Homed.
Go Intrechange ,
Bused Homed.

Dalayed Post .

210809 ; Horny day .
Im Out With
Baoyan ; Dickson.Nichole ; Huiting.and Myra .

We all Bused Down to Jp ,
hungry , Was Craving fer food.
No Place fer 6peepo so no eat .
Walk under derh rain to library.
Mine Huiting go laolan go bang peepo .

thn go the second floor,
Place we always slack .
Myra Nuer go home first ,
No feel well .

Me and They all laughs Louds .
We Say alot of things.
Funny SOb Horny Sxxxxl .

Trained To CCk.
Bused Home AT 0546

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