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Friday, January 30, 2009

# 53

YesterDay 29/01/09 ?
Is mY MAmee birthday !!!
How can i Forget Tht?
Sorli Mamee..
Next time ,,
wait QING REN JIE ..
we go out i buy you Present =]
After School we go west mall ...
we slack whole derh west mall..
Half way miee ang LBY laogong ..
Ps derh MYra ,,
Becoz ..Some special Reason..
After go down meet huizhen and niki ..
we go to derh mac sia ..
thn dun wan eat mac..
jiu go out again ..
Go back to west m
all again..
Thn Lby sat wanna to wait
her Cousin at MRT station..
So i Pei her..
Myra huizhen Niki all go derh
library first ..
Thn Lby derh cousin come..
she go jurong point wif her..
I jiu go library find them..
They sit ther dunno do wat larh
Niki and Huizhen..
Start their zilian attitude..
skip a little part..
Niki derh friend come find us..
thn ours derh voice level increse sia..
we onli noisy dunno how long ..
derh librarian come scold us..
thn we all not happi jiu Zaizai walk out lor..
WE walk pass derh librarian still nagnagnag at us lor..
Stupid larh !!! =]-
We thn go Eat..
miee and huizhen and YaQi (idunno i spell correct anot..)
we eat Chao fu jian mian..all more chilli
and niki and another frend eat derh tohu..
Myra eat desreat
[My english Sux..Dunmind spell wrong]
after eating ..
niki boliao jiu put all derh waste in derh plate and mix..
we add rice , soup , ice , black black thing , chili ..
and dunno wat..
(Sorli that PIcture was not provier )
Before walk out derh foodjuntion..
we still play derh disgusted thing..
thn dunno why we all Scream!!!
Thn macham derh whole foodjuntion peepo look at us..
Thn we all go derh toliet wash hand..
my huizhen walk infront miie..
she walk wrong way..
until to derh male toliet lor..
lucky i never walk infront..
lucky i stop her..
So after derh malu thing..
miee and hui zhen go home first..
thn we reach cck ..
we spill way go home..
i go lot buy suger roll back...
by the way...
i step on a auntie leg..
she gib a lan lan face..
i still got say Sorrli beri good liao hor!!!

Buaii buaii le..
Remember to Waiting For Yous!!!

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