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Sunday, January 25, 2009

# 51

23-01-09 Friday .. =]
Today morning..
Almost two whole class sitting in one
Corridol.. [My english Sux]
So beri small space to sit..
lucky teacher got come early ..

After go to class dunno how long..

go to derh english class ..

downstair onli larh ..

thn english homework review..

thn finish derh review..

we all go to locker first ..

put derh heavy step ahead book into derh locker..


thn we go down to canteen ..

and today is derh dunno

wat japenese high school come our school larh ..

ninja say derh girl men are cute .. [kawaii]

derh LBY say derh boy men are shuai ..

realli got shuai derh and nerd derh lalrh ..


coz NIki and LBY needa to preform

So they go into derh handicap toliet change..

derh LBY tie her hair up beri style sia!!!

MY LAoGong sia .. HAhas.. GAnz onli..

miie and GAnz-nuer=Myra and ninja ..

sit outside derh toliet dunno how long liao..

derh huizhen go in to derh handicap toliet oso ..


wait they come out ..

i and huizhen go buy things eat..

i eat panda[Milk] & chocolate milk =]

HUizhen eat panda [chocolate] & >green tea..

we all go back to toliet to wait Lby and Niki tie their hair ..

so we sitting at toliet outside eat lor..


After .. we lik PS derh LBy ..

go up derh hall ..


thn first is derh CO

thn malay SIao derh preform

thn is lion dance..thn is modern dance ..

my Niki JIe and LBY laogong

Got one senior with Myra derh relationship beri good ..HAHAHa..

SOLO wor =]-
After jiu see derh Principle
eat YuShen..
Jiu go home liao .. =]

--2nd post today--

Friday , 23 Jan = ]

Today ,,,

I Go Back to my Dearest TWPS = ]

I hab Meet my schoolmate ..

So of them i dunno larh ..

But miee and my Ah dear Men together ..


First, I Run down my bus ..

chiong to TwPs ..

Lucky i not derh last to reach..=]





Mei- Qi

PeiJun ,

JIngPei ,CuiYi ,

YueQin , TingHui ,

Cailian , Matthew ,

Siu Sheng , Jixian ,

XinPing , Haolian geradine ,

lilisiaosiao derh malay ren..

Go Bully my Darling .. BLEAHz!!!



we sign in to visit teacher ..

Go Staff room find Ms kek..

and see mani last time derh chinese teacher..

Go chat chat wif them = ]

after we dun wan at ther noisy noisy ..

GO other place see teacher ..

But teacher they all go home liao

.. Sian .. ZZZzzz


3rd ,

Go our Primary 6 derh classroom seesee = ]

Thn we see derh ..

auntie tat we all missed ..

Talk talk to her ..

thn go hall find friend..

Go ther bo place Sit..

So we go sit on derh stair ..



Qi say wanna go home liao..

So cuiyi and qi and jingpei go home lor..

Onli left ..

miee yahui simin Peiyu peijun ..

at ther dunno do wat ..

so decide go home larh ..



going Down derh stair derh time ..

we see derh mdm Tan so ..

Go talk talk to her lor..

thn she say peijun derh skirt too long..

BUt !!!

she say mine beri short .. mine is normal le lor.. =]


Aiya ..

bo meet dao my two LAopo

.. SianZ.. next time larh =]



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