They love me .

Sunday, August 15, 2010

# 299

# Two Hundred Ninety Nine !
Yog 's Handsome (Y)

In School normally :D
in 12nn go out of the school ,
in english lesson , skip english , as teacher late for lesson ,
Passed up my beautiful notes Report writing ,
i really pay attention in class , hope i pass my english D;

After school , slack in school canteen awhile ,
Myra and Flavia promised to eat MOS with me ,
But they wanted the Mac ): .

Fcuking no face when you went in a restaurant and walked out ,,
so soso ! eh...
Slack in mac , after thtt till 5plus. 
In between we , talk alot . 
We Confess each other, whts wrong happen to us ?
Thn we all laugh laugh , 
Suddenly got two kranji sec boys , out of the mac, 
they have a sit and eat their bun -.-. 
Thn myra call me to look at the werid guy .
thn i immediately look at them , 
they looked back , hai me eyes contact with them . -.- ,
Sian diao , sore throat. .

I love you , like nobody business .

                    My Daring Wallet and MILO! ♥♥

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