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Friday, July 23, 2010

# 292

# Two Hundred Ninety Two ! 
you're still in the first place.

22july ,
Yesterday after school , go home with Mtys .
Bused home , alot cck people .

Get home bath and
Yeexin , Zoe and Adrea come my house :D
Chat luh , saying people bad thing !

Then wait Flavia and Jiaming come back ,
i changed and go down meet them ^^

Then we go take 190 down to town !
thn makan in FOOD REPUBLIC :X.

Then take 106 down to Flyer , woots .
go buy ticket .

Get on the flyer , so boring :X
Thn get to the COUNTER, i saw Them :D

After all ,we train back home ^^ .

I love JOYCE !

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