They love me .

Friday, September 25, 2009

# 156 entry .


never stay there forever ,
other thn Memories.



250909 ; Im kinda extra .

Go Down to Jurong eat
w/ Nichole mother Myra Nichole and Baoyan .
Eaten thn walk walk ,
Hated to walk same way Double in one day .
Meet Others.
The Others get to fill their stomach .

Bused down to somewhere else .
(Get to miss my him, never get to see him.)
Oh My , walk "This" shop more thn half and hour .

Thn Homed , Cause of tired-ness.
About 4.51 using this com .

Heart die you .
Even you lock your heart onto HER.
I Already Know The Ending.
Just craving a something call MIRACLE .

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