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Sunday, August 16, 2009

# 140 entry .

Delayed Post .

Thursday ; 130809

Im late .
So Baoyan and Huizhen wanna find Nichole.
so i sian sian one peepo take train go Batok lor.
Mei xiang dao huizhen take with me same train .
so we go school together ,
Meet nichole together.

Almost late fer school .

Friday ; 140809

I Miss my promise.
i promise my mother will reach home 1700.

After school , English remindial .
Thn meet with niki and huiting at shelter .
thn we go find berner and zhong yi ,
thn go wait Dickson , Come we go busstop .
thn go B1 foodcourt eat ,
thn go Golden Village, Buy ticket .
gib out ticket.

I Bused homed=)

Saturday ; 150809

Huiting Nichole Baoyan
Come TeckWhye find me.

Come my house, HIgh.
Went to lot KFC.
Train to Batok.
Pei Huiting to tuition ,
Nichole Baoyan me
Walk to School area ,
Call Dickson come slack.
Slack till 0600 ++
thn go teddybear bookshop .
buy colour paper.

send bao yan to busstop.
mee walk to busstop.

Sunday ; today ; 160809
1824 ; 190809

My Gan DEAR ; DesmondCJH.

Nothing Happen Rot at home .

BATH BATH , Stupid Old Brain !

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