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Saturday, June 6, 2009

# 107 entry .

Miss HIM / HER ?

Many day bo Update le.
3 JUNE 2009 ;
Miee and mummy nothing do so ,
decided to Open Up a Blogshop .
Using My Phone to take the pic,
Quite fun, But onli awhile .

4 JUNE 2009 ;
I forget what have i done?
I think i Rotting at home , Hop blog !

5 JUNE 2009 ;
Morning actually wanna go Meet Dearest at 8am,cck int.
But i forget put alarm,
i 0751 thn wake sia !
i faster do finish everything.

Take train to Batok ,
Bused to school .

every and each peepo walk pass us ,
we guess their CCA .
High a little .
we walk damn sibei ganbua slow.

Go in school walk to derh changing room .
no network, talk till half phone tio kup !
im sorry !

Go to derh Tea Chapter,
sit with my dearest HuiZhen , Niki Jie.
Blah Blah ,

Train home from ther ,
outrum? this mrt station again .
we three siao siao derh .

I Need You to Beside miee!

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