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Sunday, May 10, 2009

# 89 5 & 6 May .

5Th MaY
English Paper dunno how do .

After Paper thought got D&T sub
Slack a little at D&T workshop .
thn cancel le .

Suan le .
Huizhen Dear
and Myra , Niki go Eat ..

Thn see one Indian Charbor beri er xin
Wear jeans oso dunno how wear .
Just beri funni larh .

Laugh till no xin xiang ,
other people keep diao us lor.

Eat Finish beri cold ,
go Playground slack .

Wa go ther beri sian AR!
Got mani sec2 derh ren at ther .
and i wan go home .
Dear they all still wanna to play swing ..

So i sit a at ther beri stupid .
Call Baoyan to talk cork .

Thn walk to west mall .
walkwalkwalk .
sometimee , Kisiao .

Train back to cck ,
with Dear after shopshop .


Hahas. That day is history

Go Mac wif XueQi W.chocolate
Huizhen Dearest , Niki Jie ,
Myra Bestie ..

armm Darren follow us coz wanna treat
XueQi one sundae .

Hack Care .

Eat till Half-Way ,
Darren too boring coz
we all dun care him .

After he go home ,
we all beri happi .
dun wanna go home so early .

So go playground slack .
Yaqi come to ground ther find us .

Yaqi dunno so sad .
i go pei her sit under derh playground ther
Under derh shade ,
polka dot sunshine .
lata hand leg all polka polka derh .

Thn go to BLK 110 derh top floor .
wa .. wind blow !
Happi Le.

Thn Taken some photo .

Sian .
Miee and Myra
Play wif HuiZhen ,
Wow . wind blow beri happi .


They Two Dun Let Miee home .
But Mother call miee .
So Myra Let miee home.
I walk down to bus Stop so sian .

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