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Friday, April 17, 2009

# 75 Ha : /

Hoohoo ..

This few day i dunno should
happi or wat larh ..

15th April 2009 .
DaJie Nichole
W.Chocolate Xueqi
Dearest HuiZhen
Laogong BaoYan
Bestie Myra
we play volley ball .
OMG my all dear Are so Chio !
I so Heart Pain their hands are red !
But was just that plain .

Me larh ..
Laogong BaoYan
Dearest HuiZhen
Besties Myra
Friend YaQi


We all wanna go eat .
First ' go KFC see .
There no Place Sit .
But hor ..
They three went in liao .
But i dun wan go in LARH!
SO i keep say out loud that :
'Go Mac Larh ! Go Mac Larh ! Go Mac Larh ! '
Maybe there was some reason larh .

So hor .
we go to the Mac eat .
Just beside nia .
Beri close derh .
Nothing to eat sia .
Beri sian le .
So eat McFlurry .
[no matter wat larh my english suck like hell !]
Niki come liao.
Miee and Laogong eat finish le .
thn send laogong to the busstop ther.
scare she lost larh .
I beri good hor =]'

Laogong BaoYan
Dearest HuiZhen
Bestie Myra

Aiya Dunno why so blur
Maybe something happen to miee ba
Forget to take my the reconder larh .
the music teacher diao at miee .
Attitude damn lan !
After School le.
at locker ther.
see down to first floor
at the pond ther see Clement .
wanna him to stop one girl in the student .
Until he walk over the pond
we already go down liao lor.

Ala i call myra help miee keep
my Green alien .
Tat Clement take away go play lei .
Scold him larh dun care !

Go down to student plaza find
one zharbor.
Talk to her , she walk away .
wat kind of attitude .?
GO out school gate .
Pei Niki jie derh mother come .
Wait Wait Wait .
After tat we going to eat .
hmm Coz of something CUTE incident .
we tried to aviod derh mama shop outside Ther.
Funni is miee and dear same time
walk in to a small small space .
Dear bang miee to derh refrigerater .
my shoulder damn pain .
Hmm other things even funni .
Find one day i tell you ! Ha :/
i must discride to you Personally.
Cute one Hor.
will made you Laugh like an kisiao !


iloveyou !

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