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Friday, March 13, 2009

# 63 Love Him? X-country

PAst Story =]
Bukit BAtok x-country =]

0300 represent TingLi =]

x-country ,, run japenese garden..

Morning wanna meet with HuiZhen 'dearest ..

But she pass by my busstop..

PS miee one peepo go school ther first..

But she bo go in school

she wait miee and derh school ther busstop..

We walk in derh school wif Flavia ,

by the way that i call her name and *Stop

walk walk walk..

Now Muscle crump crump derh..

The x-country we

walk , jog , run , jump , laugh , drink!

i do all the thing above wif wanyu=]

i oso be derh one bei PS ..

Beri sian one =[

nehmind i chiong at the last ..

go sit ther do nothing..

After they gib away derh prize ..

can go home liao =]

miee,baoyan,and friend,hui zhen,myra,xueqi,wanyu

walk to a busstop..

huizhen they all six wanna go Jurong..

i not in mood to go and i get down of derh bus , when its reach lakeside ..

Sian.. Tootootoo ..

get to jurong..

take the train to Cck ..

take bus go home..

go home sleep like Pig like tat


Now No mood ..

Cause need work for mother tomorrow ..

Sleep Barh everyBOBY ..

Imiss him now..

No Use ; Throw Away

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