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Saturday, February 28, 2009

# 60 PAst Tense

Talking - The Past Story Again?

Yupp. Busy . Or late Home..

23 Feb,Raining Day ,2++

We all Few Pair of peepo stand infront the CR01

there slack a bit while inside still got peepo sia..

after knowing.. we go canteen there..

WaliaoA, stand where oso tio rain sian!! =[

By right .. HuiZhen need to do detention..

but she pon bo go... they follow miee and BaoYan..

i need to Pei her home =]But i beg Her..

we all go west mall Walk walk..

i with BaoYan

Myra with Yaqi

Huizhen and Niki with their stead..

suddenly feel lonely =]

HAha JKjK..

we take 941 to Batok interchange..

Myra siao liao . think that i will gib $5 just that she get west mall early thn us..

she drop down one stop early then us =[

thn she run go interchange..

we still win her!! take bus larh waste energy !!

we Go west mall liao ..

Myra and YAqi dunno run where..

Others + miee go find them..

miee and baoyan feel extra =[


Run until tired go BK ..

at first wan eat then no place..

we go play in derh west mall ..

after realli hungry liao..

Go eat KFC..

miee and BaoYan eat zinger=]

she + cheese

Thn One senior with Myra close derh oso come sia..

but HE eat with his mother..

we call him come..

We all Dare with Myra ..

that she Hold Hand with derh Senior 1min

ten finger hold tight ..

Fun sia.. thn Huizhen call her friend down ..

thn we eat finish slack a little while ..


thn YaQi and Myra go Niki House..

miee , baoYan , Huizhen and friend take Mrt Home =]

This is derh thing we Made before get out of derh West mall KFC =]

InSide got half Burger..

and chili

and icy

and Mani ..

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