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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

# 41

Ytd 23th dec
Go lot lor .. ahYU and Mamee come my house
In the morning . ..
1130 QI and YongZheng come meet us...
thn we all walk to lot meet ming ...
ming one peepo sitting at mac eating..
miee and ahYU go buy sundae lai eat . . .
thn we go shop shop ..
thn we go lot outside cinema sit ..
wait matthew they all . . .
thn qi call yongzheng ..
he say matthew derh phone lost diao ..
thn ahYu cannot find hers wallet ..
sian diao ..
bo xim see movie liao ..
so we go buy sushi and snack go
160A derh carpark rooftop slack lor..
thn rain nah ...
sian diao ..
we talk talk to cui yi oso ..
miee and ahYu and mamee and ming
four got secret hahas super funni derh
four peepo high five.. hehe =]]

Loves [ J - O ][J-O

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